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Do you remember how fascinating escalators were when they were hardly seen in malls and hotels? We as a kid always had our eyes on the moving stairs at multi-story buildings. Back then, it was indeed interesting to note how people went up and down barely moving their feet and capturing a 360-degree view just by standing erect on a platform. Today escalators are widely spotted at shopping malls, hotels, theaters, and even in hospitals and way more making it a common scene. A growing number of High-rise buildings has made escalators a familiar setting.Our escalators are widely popular in the market due to its operational capacity and unbeatable longivity.

At Expedite, we manufacture superior quality escalators to inspire your architectural designs. With extremely strong conveying capacity our escalators are marked to be highly efficient and convenient to use. We aim to provide one of the finest quality escalators which applies both novel materials and advanced technology to our customers.Its unique and innovative design has minimum requirement to the space available.Our escalators are manufactured to satisfy the traffic requirements of modern people.The firm structure being offered is capable of conveying any kind of load.Therefore it is applicable to airports,shopping centers,hotels etc.It enhances the travel safety with the anti skid flooring and an exteremly strong handrails along with emergency buttons at times of any urgencies.The operating system ensures stable landing and also transverse steps are protected to decrese the possibility of object clamps in between which dramatically improves passengers sence of comfort.

A safe, cozy, and comfortable escalator for your everyday ride are what we promise to deliver. Additionally, we have a wider range of designs to choose from in every aspect starting from the handrails to the landing platforms.We offer additional features of LED lighting for floors as wells as entry/exit points. Smooth running and fine durability along with the modern design are what make our product unique.