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We are hospital elevator manufacturers for optimum performance in the highly demanding hospital industry. Our hospital elevators are suitable to carry patients along with stretchers and wheelchairs across various floors. We have a variety of anti-skid floors to help the movement of hospital equipment easier. Another important feature of our hospital elevators is that it is completely jerks free, making it comfortable for the patients to move without any distractions.

Expedite offers a full range of modern hospital elevators for ultimate performance in the highly demanding hospital sector. Our hospital elevators are exceptionally smooth and quiet in heavy-duty operations. With sophisticated position measuring technology highly accurate leveling of floors and shafts is ensured for safe and easy usage. Which is particularly important for elderly and disabled persons to have a much better experience. We offer a wide range of car dimensions to meet the varying requirements of a contemporary hospital setup.

Considering the need for added cabin space and capacity, our hospital elevators are spacious compared to passenger elevators. We not only ensure safety but also the reliability of our lifts. Quick transportation within a safe and smooth environment is our priority. Non-corrodible high-quality materials used can bear with everyday usage of disinfectants and any sorts of sanitizers used on them. Considering the comfort of the patients while traveling the cabin is equipped with soft lightings along with a spacious COP fitted slightly lower so as to be accessible to everyone using them.

Each of our products is manufactured with special consideration on the technical side ensuring there are zero chances of a breakdown even at extreme power failures. A battery-powered emergency landing function ensures a faultless experience for the users. We have a range of optional features to add, creating an equal and obstacle-free space.