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Elevator Control Panel

"You Dream it, We Deliver it"


LCD40 Mini

World’s smallest controller which not only supports MR and MRL Controller but also Otis Gen 2 and Kone Mono Space. Its not only smaller than an ARD but also the most economical controller.

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Its our advanced semi serial serial controller with capability to operate for large number of floors. It has dual supply system with serial operation and its completely customisable as per the need of the client. It requires lesser wires than J2000

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LCD 40

It is our oldest, most efficient, most reliable and most economical controller. Its been used in industry from more than a decade and has the best performing track record in the market. With minimal break down and low maintenance cost, Its the best controller in the market.

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Its our most economical semi serial controller with fully customization capability. It is the newest addition to line of our controllers, it has serial operation capability, with both selective collective and down collective operation available.

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It’s our premium controller with duplex capability, it has parallel operation with support of upto 2.5m/s elevators. Majorly installed in high rise building upto 40 floors. It’s our first of its kind self developed controller with pin programability and self diagnosis ability.

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It’s our direct landing cable controller, which not only is capable of parallel operation but also semi serial and serial operation. The controller has three modes of operation and supports elevator upto speed of 2m/s

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