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“Exceeding Expectations”

Passenger Elevator

Our Passenger lift has flexible and diverse designs, designed to satisfy the demand of residents for quick transportation and safety, which can be integrated in various type of buildings. The variable design enables a perfect adaptation to the architectural surroundings such as old renovated buildings, modern domiciles or social housing.

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Capsule Elevator

Our Capsule Elevator is an architectural marvel it has diverse designs and designed to beautify the buildings along with quick transportation and safety, which can be integrated in various type of buildings right outside.

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Home Elevator

Our home lift has flexible and diverse designs, designed to satisfy the demand of small homes to fit in smallest space with structure, which can be integrated in various type of residents. The home lift is majorly for small residents who require for personal usage. They are the most economical type of lifts available with us.

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Hospital Elevator

Our Hospital lifts are designed with safety and space as the main priority. Our Design ensures smooth transportation of  Patients from floor to floor, The top priority of our lift is to transport quickly, safely and smoothly.  With design to have to have up to zero break down.

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Car Elevator

Car elevators are designed with generous measures, The wide range of car parking lifts are fabricated using high- grade raw material, sourced from reliable vendors across the world wide, and tested on various quality parameters. The sufficiently big cabin and wide door opening make loading and unloading easier for the driver. Our car elevators help to solve the parking problems in steadily growing urbanizations with their lack of available space

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Freight Elevator

We have wide range of tailor made Freight elevator or Goods elevators. he capacity ranges from 500 Kg to 7000 kg depending upon the requirement. According to market demand, we are designing and manufacturing freight lifts that can cope with various severe environments and has become an ideal choice for factories, warehouses, malls, real estate centers with its high sense of carrying responsibility and powerful carrying capacity

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Hydraulic Elevator

They are low maintenance elevator that provide the advantage of being relatively inexpensive, safe and easy to maintain. They are very convenient and cost effective solution for low rise buildings with low traffic. Hydraulic elevators have been rated as the safest option for home elevators, they provide super user friendliness and easy access to machine room located at the basement, once they are put in place hydraulic elevators provide the smoothest ride possible.

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Kitchen Elevator

We have an ideal range of dumbwaiter and specifically provide rapid convenient and economic vertical transport means for diets, beverages, dinnerware, files, books and so on. Dumbwaiter are widely used in hotels, libraries laboratories office buildings, banks and other places.

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