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Smooth Ride Every time!
We manufacture superior-quality escalators to inspire the architectural designs and are recognised as a leader in this industry. The escalator manufacture here has strong conveying capacity, the escalators are marked to be highly efficient and convenient to use.

We manufacture escalators which are reliable, safe, soundproof, and comfortable. These are strong build escalators which are good enough for everyday ride and for all. Comfort with safety is what we promise to deliver. We believe in adding wider range of designs to choose from in every aspect starting from the handrails to the landing platforms. Smooth running and fine durability along with the modern design are what make our product unique.

Features of Escalators manufactured here:
1. Emergency stop button
2. Auto- start
3. Step reversing fences in case of emergency
4. VF Energy Saving System
5. Energy saving inverter system.
6. Safety Brake on Main Shaft
7. Both Sides of Escalator have Handrail Speed Monitor

To know about the escalator manufactured at Expedite Automation send us an enquiry below and we will contact you at the earliest.