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  • 7 Stop Collective Selective and 7 Stop Down Collective
  • Extendable upto 34 Stops Collective Selective
  • Operation: Can operate for both Auto-Door and Manual Door
  • Speed upto 2m/s
  • All system parameter can be set using 3 buttons and LCD display
  • Call register LED and Call Push button are on single wire
  • On board LCD display
  • All inputs are Opto-Isolated and available in 12VDC and 24VDC (in J2001 model)
  • All input and Output are carrying LED on the main and the auxiliary Cards
  • All error are displayed on the LCD
  • Each floor can be named by an Alpha Numeric Character (L,P,E,F,H,b,A,o,0,1,2,3,-)
  • All inputs and outputs are short circuit protected. In case of short circuit the card goes in-operational
  • It also detects landing door safety bypass.
  • Only 12 cables are used for system to work using serial connection with card only present in the junction box which reduces labor and cable cost and increases the speed of work.
  • PCBs are soldered robotically which gives no room for human error
  • LCD display on board helps in programming the parameter and display the error easily.
  • All pins are programmable each pin can be used both as input and output
  • The card has feature for diagnosis using which we can detect any error in the card or field wiring.
  • Both Final Terminal Switch and Landing Door Safety Operate in 110VAC in order to avoid voltage drop or breakdown.
  • The control panel comes with its Serial junction cum inspection box
  • Both ARD and UPS inclusive models are available.