The coronavirus pandemic has bought so many changes in the environment. From offline workspace to online ones, what people missed the most is their daily ride on their favorite elevator. With things getting back to normal slowly, the fear of the spread of diseases gave rise to the innovative idea of a touchless elevator operation to serve its passengers. Limiting the need for contact with surfaces in your facility can help keep employees and visitors safe. In buildings with multiple floors, contactless solutions for elevators will be essential to preserving public health wisely. putting together a health and safety plan for your facility, abiding by all the governmental compliance requirements, and reducing liability is a top priority of every organization on its action plan of back to office setup.

Contactless elevator solutions allow individuals to select their elevator’s destination without touching the buttons located inside the cab, greatly reducing their likelihood of encountering the virus while inside. Although covid-19 is largely spread via contaminated surfaces by viruses, a touchless button eases off the fear of getting infected. Implementing touchless elevator technology now will help prevent the day-to-day disease from spreading in the future and facilitate a frictionless visitor experience throughout your facility.

Coming towards the mechanism, a touchless/contactless elevator works by using sensors that detect fingers coming near to it,i.e when a person wants to go to the fifth floor he just has to bring his finger near to the button without actually touching it. The sensors are present to identify the movement and operate the command automatically. Many people use an elevator every day, whether it’s to access an office, apartment, or parking garage. However, with new health and safety guidelines being implemented across the globe, the way we access and use elevators is changing. No matter the size of your facility, enforce social distancing inside elevators, allowing only one or two people inside at a time. Updating the technology of your elevator system is another way to minimize liability in your building.

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