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  • 6 Stop Collective Selective and 8 Stop Down Collective and 12 Stop Single Call
  • Extendable up to 34 Stops Collective Selective
  • Capable to operate in parallel, Semi Serial and Serial Operation
  • Speed up to 2m/s
  • Supports both Duplex and Multiplex
  • Supports both double and triple side opening
  • 3 Reed Operation and Direct feedback from encoder operation also available
  • All system parameter can be set using 3 buttons and LCD display
  • 3 Speed Operation Capability for high speed performance in high rise buildings
  • Relevelling supported for smooth operation
  • Small distance floor leveling capable
  • Machine temperature analog monitoring capable
  • Priority call capable
  • Programming can also be done using laptop
  • Call register LED and Call Push button are on single wire
  • On board LCD display
  • All inputs are Opto-Isolated and available in 12VDC and 24VDC
  • All input and Output are carrying LED on the main and the auxiliary Cards
  • All error are displayed on the LCD
  • All inputs and outputs are short circuit protected. In case of short circuit the card goes in-operational
  • It also detects landing door safety bypass.
  • Pins are programmable
  • The card has feature for diagnosis using which we can detect any error in the card or field wiring.
  • Both Final Terminal Switch and Landing Door Safety Operate in 110VAC in order to avoid voltage drop or breakdown.
  • The control panel comes with its Serial junction cum inspection box
  • Both ARD and UPS inclusive models are available.
  • UPS mode is card self-operated with battery backup for continuous operation