While Artificial Intelligence and IoT (Internet of Things) are taking over the whole world, the elevator industry is also a part of this transitional change in technology. Over the last decade, advances in AI and IoT have changed elevators and escalators beyond their mechanical function of getting people to travel up and down with speed and comfort. They have become more intelligent, connecting to the cloud where the data they collect is analyzed and stored. Having a number of elevators and escalators are no fancier without intelligent technology in it to progress in the era of smart buildings.

A smart elevator or escalator is capable of identifying and troubleshooting all its problems on its own in real-time without any sort of assistance. Moreover, they are capable of storing data’s, analyzing emergencies, resolving problems with AI and IoT software. With integrated sensors and fast stream technologies smart elevators are having a vast number of features in them to make the users utilize even the seconds of the time they use for vertical travel. Furthermore, smart elevators are capable of remote connectivity to any device connected with the elevator system using your telecom SIM from anywhere across the planet even without a static IP address.

One of the keys uses of IoT in the elevator and escalator industry is predictive maintenance. Maintenance can be disruptive to the movement of people within buildings, especially at times of unexpected breakdowns. IoT enables elevators and escalators to share their performance data and predict maintenance issues quickly without the need for a human technician to visit the site itself. The wireless connectivity feature can be accessed by the users to browse without any sort of network interruption throughout their journey as the whole world is hooked over wireless communication.

Elevators are now no more offline, with the whole world existing on online platforms, elevators also are building their place. With more advanced features and innovative technology, Design your SMART Elevator with us today!

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