Technological advancements in the elevator industry have been undergoing revolutionary changes in the past few years. The need for a combination of luxury design with modern technology has led to the invention of the Pneumatic Vacuum Elevator. Compared to the traditional elevators a pneumatic vacuum elevator does not require a large-sized pit to be installed this means they can be set up in compact spaces with no or minimal constructions needed. The extraordinary design and functioning have made it a number one choice among modern elevators. A pneumatic vacuum elevator perfectly blends with your entire interior to bring a luxurious outlook to your home decor.

Why Choose Pneumatic Vaccum Elevator?

Beautifully Designed:

A modern vertical journey binding luxurious design along with reduced space utilization is what a pneumatic Vacuum elevator stands for. The sleek and aesthetically pleasing look fits seamlessly into any home interior. The size, color, interior, and even flooring can be customized according to client specifications making it unique.

Panoramic View:

The riders enjoy a 360-degree panoramic view with the glass cabin designed to enhance the overall look of your building. The cabins are made out of toughened galvanized steel and a laminated and toughened glass of 8mm thickness which is unbreakable and blends well with the interior decor. The transparent cabins and self-supporting enclosures with glass elevators build a safe vertical journey for young ones.

Energy Efficiency:

Since pneumatic elevators are widely used as a home lift the question that often arises is that of energy consumption. Well, A pneumatic Vacuum elevator is powered by air inside the shaft, therefore it requires minimal energy requirement compared to traditional ones. The level of energy utilized is as lower as any other home appliance such as a hairdryer or even a washing machine.

Absence of Pit and Machine Room:

Getting a pit done in a beautiful space of your home and placing a large machine room not only affected the overall look of your living spaces but also leads to the accumulation of specks of dust which in turn makes it harder for cleaning. The absence of large pits and machine room has made the Vacuum elevator an ideal choice as a residential elevator. They are not only easy to maintain but also an eco-friendly option due to their energy-efficient operations.

At expedite, we strive to update all our products with the latest technological innovations. Our R&D professionals are highly trained to bring up technological marvels in the field of modern elevators. Expedites Vacuum elevators are designed to bring the luxury of home elevators at an affordable range. Connect with our team of elevator experts to know more.



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