Welcome to the world of modern sleek designer capsule lifts offered by Expedite. We present before you a wide range of capsule lifts where design meets quality. Our capsule Elevators act as a focal point to your architecture kicking it up to a notch. Find the design that is right for you and experience the richness of a luxury ride.


With supreme quality, excellent design, and high cost-effective performance, we have the smoothest working elevators in the market with customization available for both cabin and doors. Our capsule lifts are the most exclusive design of elevator manufacturing backed up with advanced technology for an Integrated and consistent experience. It has a feature of small size and large load ability. The Machine room and top car inspection coupled with subsystems working on separate lines improve safety and response speed. In addition, a Limit switch and upper limit protection is also offered besides Over voltage protection.

The lighting system is energy-saving and environment friendly with intelligent adjustment of lighting and elevator operations to enhances the ride comfort. It works on both manual and auto doors with full collective operations. The position indicator along with the direction register is an Intelligent update to the series. An automatic brake force detection prevents it from any accidental motion happening due to the loss of brake force. The anti-skid flooring along with wide opening doors helps the swift motion of passengers. Optional services of CCTV or Intercom line, Voice announcement, and many other add-on features are available to always provide you with a ride beyond imagination.

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