We have a diverse range of control panels available in both Open-loop and Closed-loop.  Our control panel MODEL LCD 40 MINI is one among the world’s smallest Controllers which supports both OTIS GEN 2 AND KONE MONO- SPACE which is compatible with both MR and MRL Lifts. The offered range is popular not only for its speed of up to 1 m/s but also for being the most economical controller ensuring at most safety with an onboard LCD display and a separate connection for the call button. A smart and functional design for an enriched experience along with robotically soldered PCBs, detecting and protecting from man-made errors.

Operating on both man-made and auto doors on separate cards makes it unique and user-friendly. In addition to standard safety features, All Inputs and outputs are short circuit. Voltage breakdown protected in order to boost up the functioning. Our Range of Control Panels has safety parameters up to the highest standards which is one of the topmost priorities among professional elevators. We promise to provide exceptional user experience and modernized solutions keeping quality and Frugality in mind.

                   LCD Mini 40

Its capability to display basements other than floors makes it ideal for both residential and commercial properties.   MODEL LCD 40 MINI helps our customers to improve usability and convenience with an on-screen display diagnosing and notifying every possible error creating a more comfortable and convenient built-in environment. We strive to provide you with a serene and hassle-free motion every day.


  • Smart and Functional Design
  • Speed of up to 1m/s
  • Onboard LCD Screen with visual display
  • Smart and contemporary buttons for safer experiences.
  • Capacity to display 2 basements other than 5 floors.
  • Economical and ideal for Commercial Building and Residential Properties.







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