The MODEL J3000 is an exceptional invention in the series of control panels we offer. Want to know why?

MODEL J3000 is a modern control panel extendable up to 34 stops on both collective and selective basis thus making it a perfect fit for high-rise buildings. With an unbeatable speed of 2m/s and the new custom floorname feature makes it a popular choice among customers. This product is developed to have a supervised speed mode, assuring a safe and contemporary ride. Besides Speed Inspection Modes, it also has controlled acceleration methods working on a UPS system at times of power failures.

                  Model J3000

In addition to speed, the 110 V landing safety is directly integrated within the main card safeguarding at any moment. Our J3000 comes with two supply systems to set out the chances of minimum breakage. It also has a commendable feature of Voice Announcement which Indeed helps in-floor identification or even to play music for an ecstatic vertical experience.

All the system parameters can be set up at the ease of your fingertip within the LCD display provided, which in turn is used to display errors easily. The landing door safety makes sure that the doors are overlocked and detects them at times of failure. To clarify, the PCBs are soldered robotically preventing any chances of human errors; likewise, the card has an inbuilt feature of troubleshooting any error in itself or field wiring making its operations uninterrupted hence making it well-versed.


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