Have you ever wondered looking at a large showroom or a factory how they carry large loads of goods from one floor to another or even departments?

Well, Drum lifts are their savior! Carrying goods from one floor to another was a task back then, with multiple employees assigned for moving articles back and forth. Time changed, technology developed and the unstoppable need for a perfect lifting solution for goods gave rise to a range of goods elevators. Our drum lifts are equipped with a powerful motor that provides sufficient rotational torque so that the lift can raise up to  20 tons of mass. We have options of single and multi drums to choose from according to the requirements or the volume to be carried. Being manufactured with high-end materials our drum lifts are known for their durability and need for low maintenance.

We are a renowned manufacturer and supplier of Goods Elevator designed to assist any work platform. Our Drum lifts are inexpensive commercial lifting solutions with a capacity ranging from 50 to 12000 Kg, widely used in factories, godowns to ease off the transport of heavy machinery, merchandise, and much more. At the same time, they are excellent in quality along with high performance to regulate the flawless movement of supplies. These are controlled with height limit switches and provided with mechanical stoppers that increase the efficiency of the lift. Find the ideal goods lift to best fit your industry with the assistance of our team of technical professionals.

Whatever be your industry we have our Drum lifts to solve your material handling problem. For customization and optional features Connect with us now.

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