Expedite is a leading manufacturer of Dumbwaiters and kitchen elevators. Each dumbwaiter is specifically designed to move food and beverages, books, documents, and other materials making it perfect for restaurants, commercial spaces, educational institutes, and even for residential purposes with a Capacity of up to 150 kg helping people carry materials and goods to move between floors over decades. Being experienced in the field of elevator manufacturing our products are furnished with high-quality materials for that reason our dumbwaiters are long-lasting.

Most of our product operates with a higher speed varying from 0.15 to 4 m/s making it faster and convenient. Focusing on the durability they are fabricated in stainless steel bringing an aesthetic appeal. Bi-parting door styles give a flawless finish to your dumbwaiters. Our bespoke range is available to suit a wide range of conceptions. Every dumbwaiter we make is available in variable sizes which is customizable to the client’s taste making it a perfect fit for their requirements. Advanced power supply and circuit protection along with an early warning system tackle pitfall, ensuring security. Floor selection and reverse canceling are made easier making it reliable for beginners. Automatic return to the main floor and an added feature of the overtime door closing is an advantage to end-users.

Above all the standard features offered we have provisional service of LCD display, touch button, Voice announcement, and many more to take you to the highest standards. We provide one on one customization to our customers to design their dumbwaiters to meet their demands. Our mission is to manufacture quality dumbwaiters that are affordable and easy to install. Our team is ready to assist you with any services backed up with a warranty of 12 months along with After Sales Support.

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