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A lift control panel is a control system for lifts and it is a cabin that includes all elements in order for the lift to be controlled. The control panel holds all power supply components, arranges and ensures safety in all activities. The elevator controllers handle additional duties such as registration or cancellation of car calls, door control, carload measurement, and speed.

Elevator control software mainly includes:

  • An operating system
  • Task planning programs
  • Input, output, and communication programs
  • Optimization programs
  • Elements operational management programs.

The placement of the elevator control panel is a significant technologically enhanced problem. It might be located above the shaft at the entrance or in the machine room. The lift control panels control the lift using state-of-the-art microprocessor technology.
The main purpose of the lift controller is:

  • To reduce the time of the trip.
  • To maximize passenger comfort through smooth riding.
  • To speed up, decelerate and travel at safe speeds.

Our range of control panels is both parallel and semi-serial capable of self-diagnosis for better and efficient functioning. They are not only cost-effective but also secure with dual password protection. It is designed to support both OTIS GEN 2 KONE MONO- SPACE and SCHINDLER 330 series which is compatible with both MR and MRL Lifts, and also on hydraulic as well as single speed elevators. An on-board LCD display for a better understanding of the functioning and with its outstanding quality and smooth functioning, along with 3 years of after-sales warranty, our products are definitely going to be one of the best upgrades to your vertical experience.

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