Expedite has experience of more than two decades in offering the most economical and high-quality duplex home lifts. Our elevators are designed to be installed even in small residential buildings like villas, and bungalows having just as low as 2 floors. Expedite’s duplex home lifts are based on technically advanced concepts where no machine room is required and the lift operates on minimal power and current consumption. Our elevators can be easily installed into existing buildings or can be planned for new construction as well.

Expedite’s duplex designer home lifts are also available in solar-powered models which do not require a grid power supply for their operation. Hence, our duplex designer home lifts can be installed anywhere without having to worry about the availability of grid power supply or transformer capacity.
Expedite’s high-quality custom-made designer lift cabins are best suited for villas and other homes where the space is a constraint. Duplex MRL Home Lifts from Expedite has been designed to fit into any space with only a small clearance from the floor to the bottom of the cabin to allow easier access to the house or apartment without any ramps.

Starting with a 2-passenger capacity and extending up to 4 passengers, our duplex home lifts are sure to fit all your requirements. Our duplex designer home lifts are tailor-made to fit any architectural style—from modern minimalism to a vintage look and everything in between.
Our one-of-a-kind cabin designs make a statement in any home. We offer ready-made shafts in case no existing space is available. With our duplex MRL lifts, there is no need for a machine room on top of the lift shaft—saving you even more space!
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