Our glass elevators are number one choice among the clients as it adds functionality as well as style to your architecture. These elevators are a center point for attention; a conversation piece, a work of art to your interior space. They are made out of toughened galvanized steel and laminated and toughened glass of 8mm thickness. The elevator shaft and the frame are highly customizable according to clients’ preferences. The glass cabin is designed to provide a 360-degree view-enhancing the overall look of your building. Glass cabins are ideal for demanding environments such as shopping malls, residential buildings, schools, etc. The cabin is provided with minimal LED lights to give an elegant yet calm vertical ambiance. All the related accessories such as Control panels, handrails, and buttons are provided to match with the interior finish.

Moreover, the minimalist look of a glass cabin has made it highly preferred among modern architectural settings which require even the slightest thing to match with the contemporary construction. And what excites more is enthusiasm passenger has to travel on a glass finish platform and to get a wide view of people around them. Commercial glass lifts give elegance and sleek modern feeling to enhance the passenger experience more than utilitarian. You have transparent cabins and self-supporting enclosures with glass elevators.

They are a masterpiece of art and engineering, designed to fit into the architecture of the building and serve as a focal point for every individual who enjoys riding experience along with providing for a different perspective other than a closed space. Often people have to share elevator rides with unknown people at different spaces such as a shopping mall, a hospital, and even at commercial spaces, which in turn is an uneasy situation for most people out there. With a glass elevator, it is no more a distressing ride as you got to enjoy the vision throughout the ride. In addition to keeping the eyes of the passenger on all the beautiful storage surroundings, the transparent glass elevator views give an enjoyable riding experience and provide a distinct viewpoint than a private area.

Let us enable your lift to become the glory of its luxurious design. The attention of architects and builders from all over the World has been focused on our bespoke glass commercial elevators.

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