When the whole world is behind eco-friendly why not elevators!

If you are concerned about what makes an elevator green, then, Energy consumption is the Key. Incorporating gearless traction in MRL (Machine Room Less) elevators has got capacity to save energy up to 80% compared to the hydraulic lifts. The new generation gearless machine is designed for low rise, Midrise, and high-rise buildings to meet with their vertical transportation. Today they are powering the majority of modern passenger elevators, with the ability to move their cabin over great distances at speed of 2.5 meters per second. Green elevators are probably a revolutionary product offering a world-class ride while simultaneously caring for the future.

Keeping sustainable energy factors, the range of green elevators are inbuilt with cab sensors that analyze the functioning of the shaft and hibernate on Idle mode by switching off the lighting and ventilations enabling the least possible chances of energy wastage. The fully computerized intellectual computer system fulfills vast intellectual management such as light load trip, network control, supervision system, etc. Compared to the traditional voltage an optimized hoisting system largely cuts down noise and vibration during operation.

The series of eco-friendly elevators are incorporated with intelligent features like Low powered LED lighting, recyclable construction, environmentally safe flooring, etc. Environment-friendly materials are utilized while manufacturing which ensures low emission of carbons which in turn makes it safe and durable. Based on a high-performance control system the functioning is monitored round the clock to predict and troubleshoot invalid elevator operations. The lubrication-free mechanism with coated steel belts and a gearless machine requires no grease renewal, which put up an end to the level of oil pollution produced. Moreover, the controller along with high energy saving properties has the regenerative capacity to regenerate the heat produced to green electric powers that can be consumed later on.

Join us in the world of the environmentally friendly vertical journey today and do your part to a sustainable future.




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