The time is gone when lifts were a luxury and supposed to be installed only in commercial buildings or apartments. With the advancement in both technology and income, lifts are now a necessity that can be installed in the available space at your home as well!

Expedite has a wide range of elevators to meet all your necessities. Our range of home lifts is designed such that they can be accommodated within the available space in your home. The needlessness of a supporting wall or shaft makes it an ideal selection for two to three-storey homes. Being highly customizable our clients can now choose the best design to fit with their interior creating a visually pleasing interior finish.

Home lifts are one of the economical passenger elevators which carry a relatively smaller number of people at a time. Our home lifts are one of the best in case of space utilization since they can be placed anywhere in the available area. It is as convenient as installing any electric appliances at your home. Having extremely low maintenance costs and unrestricted by any space they are a top choice among passenger elevators. It has the most comfortable speed running curve specially designed for kids as well as elderly people to have a smooth start and stop.

Our product comes with utmost safety for indoor operation: from an automatic return to the main floor during an emergency to alarm bell and fireman operation, it comes with it all. It is cost-effective and durable, making it an exemplary choice for any household. Our home lifts perfectly combine with your living space giving it a deluxe internal decoration to show your noble dignity. A low power supply fulfills the concept of an energy-saving home appliance. It can be effortlessly customized with add-on features like voice announcement, CCTV, intercom service and much more!



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