Modern living often requires creative solutions to maximize space, especially in urban environments where every square foot counts. Expedite understands this need and offers home lifts specifically designed to fit seamlessly into compact spaces. Here’s how our innovative lifts achieve this:

1. Minimal Footprint

Expedite’s home lifts are engineered with a minimal footprint, allowing them to fit into small and awkward spaces where traditional elevators would be impractical. This compact design ensures that valuable living space is preserved and can be used for other purposes.

2. Flexible Installation Options

Our lifts offer flexible installation options, including:

  • Retrofitting: Expedite’s lifts can be retrofitted into existing structures without requiring major renovations, making them ideal for older homes or buildings with limited space.
  • Shaftless Designs: For homes without the space for a traditional elevator shaft, our shaftless designs are perfect. They require less structural modification and can be installed in areas like closets or unused corners.

3. Customizable Dimensions

We understand that every home is unique, which is why our lifts come with customizable dimensions. This adaptability means that we can tailor the lift to fit into the specific dimensions of your available space, ensuring a perfect fit.

4. Discreet Integration

Expedite’s home lifts are designed to blend seamlessly with your home’s interior. With various finishes and styles available, our lifts can complement your decor, making them a discreet and attractive addition to any room.

5. Advanced Technology

Our lifts use advanced technology to maximize efficiency in small spaces. Features like compact drive systems and space-saving mechanisms allow our lifts to operate smoothly and quietly, without taking up unnecessary room.

6. Multiple Entry/Exit Configurations

Expedite’s lifts offer multiple entry and exit configurations, such as 90-degree door openings, which can be particularly useful in tight spaces. This flexibility allows for more creative placement options, ensuring that the lift can be installed in the most convenient and space-efficient location.

7. No Machine Room Required

Traditional elevators often require a separate machine room, which can be a significant space constraint. Expedite’s lifts are designed without the need for an external machine room, further reducing the space required for installation.

8. Optimized for Residential Use

Expedite’s home lifts are optimized for residential use, meaning they are smaller and more compact than commercial elevators. This residential focus ensures that they are perfectly suited to the dimensions and requirements of modern homes.


Expedite’s home lifts offer a perfect solution for anyone looking to add a lift to their home without sacrificing valuable space. With their minimal footprint, flexible installation options, and customizable designs, our lifts can fit seamlessly into any compact space, enhancing both accessibility and convenience. If you’re looking to elevate your home in a way that’s stylish, efficient, and space-conscious, Expedite’s home lifts are the ideal choice.

For more information on how Expedite’s lifts can fit into your home, visit our website or contact our customer service team today. Let us help you find the perfect lift solution for your compact space.

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