Getting stuck inside an elevator is a common mishap. It happens more often than you could actually think! While being stuck inside, hanging between floors with just an emergency button for your rescue is an unpleasant experience; what you must know are the ways to handle it.

Well, today, there is rarely any person who doesn’t use a mobile phone. So the first thing you can always do is to check whether you have access to the network. If yes, then go on and call someone to rescue you or simply dial the helpline number.

There are chances that you won’t have access to any mobile network while being in an elevator. Let’s see how you can deal with this nightmare effectively:

  • Stay Calm

Doesn’t matter if you are alone or with a group of strangers, during any unpleasant event try to stay calm and not panic. Elevator entrapments are rarely life-hazardous, so relax. Also, try to assist other passengers, if any, to stay calm.

  • Emergency Alarm

All elevators come with an emergency alarm. It is hooked up to a bell that rings and alerts people that someone is stuck inside the elevator and is in need of assistance. Keep on ringing the bell until assistance reaches you.

Now in case, the alarm is faulty or not working, do not worry. No matter what you always have chances to escape as a stuck elevator comes easily to be noticed. Once the rescue team is called, you will be out of the elevator in minutes.

  • Emergency Phone

A lot of modern elevators come with an add-on feature of the emergency phone which is connected to the building’s security. Use the phone to locate the assistance and inform them of the problem at hand.

  • Shout for Help

If you’re still having trouble getting anyone’s attention, try shouting for assistance. You may also slam the door with a shoe or other item. Because sound travels effectively via an elevator shaft, it might signal others all across the building that you want assistance. Remember to remain cool when making noise, even if it’s tough.

While you now know what to do, there are some activities which you must NOT do. 

What not to do?

  • Do not try to forcefully open the elevator doors
  • Do not panic
  • Do not try to escape through the hatch

Sit tight if you’ve managed to call maintenance or emergency staff. Elevator entrapment reports are treated seriously, and you’ll most likely be liberated in less than 30 minutes.

Meanwhile, strike up a discussion with your acquaintances! Inquire about their personal life, employment, and interests. If you’re alone in there, do something with whatever you have and try to distract yourself.

Elevators are commonly misunderstood to be kept together by a single rope or other shaky operation. Don’t be concerned about that. Because most elevators include safety brakes, a free fall is nearly impossible.

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