Elevators, like vehicles, have provided us with the gift of transportation and allowed cities to expand vertically rather than horizontally. Elevators have influenced many aspects of our life, from architectural styles to economic and urban growth. Elevators are more important than ever before, given the tremendous growth in population density in metropolitan areas and the emergence of skyscrapers.

Maglev Elevator uses Magnetic Levitation and has thus derived its name from the same. Maglev technology is already being used in trains and is now being implemented in elevators. With the talks about the cableless elevators, we are now heading towards the technology of Magnetic Levitation (Maglev).

What is the difference?

A mechanical elevator differs from a MagLev elevator in the sense that it is powered by the electromagnetic suspension. A magnetic field is created by a set of axial and circular coils attached to the elevator, which counteracts gravity and suspends the elevator. The elevator’s undercarriage and outer frame will both include electromagnet coils, according to the motion’s theory. These coils attract or repel one other, resulting in movement. The elevator also contains buffer zones at the bottom and top that have a high permanent repelling magnetic field, assuring the elevator’s safety.

How does it work?

The elevator navigates the cabins through a shifting magnetic field using a maglev track buried in the structure. In this method, a linear motor may easily shift orientations from vertical to horizontal, replacing the old wire and counterweight configuration. Because each cabin may run independently of the others, the method allows for more than two cabins per shaft, lowering passenger wait times and boosting capacity by up to 50%. They are also 25% smaller than typical ones, allowing for significant floor area savings.

A wireless data system controls the elevator cabins, together with an algorithm that routes the cabins to callers in the most effective manner. In addition, an excellent energy management system has been built to reduce peak power and investment costs in the structure’s power supply. Furthermore, all safety issues have been addressed in detail.



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