In the modern era, people are behind aesthetic appeal in every aspect even in the case of the architectural appearance of a construction. The contemporary designer buildings intend to have full utilization of the available space without compromising the designs of inner space. This replaced the traditional machine room-enabled elevators with modernistic Machine Room-less Elevators.

Machine-Room-Less (MRL) Elevators are modern traction lift systems that use an electric hoisting machine located within the top of the elevator shaft to hoist the elevator car. Eliminating the penthouse machine room that is necessary for the traction lifts, the Machine Room Less elevators are known for their less space utilization and energy-saving capacity. There is a wide range of MRL elevators to choose from according to the requirements of low to high-rise constructions. Compared to the gear wheel elevators with the same load-bearing capacity, machine room-less elevators save around 25% to 30 % of energy along with front and rear opening modern doors. A range of flexible designs is available in the MRL elevator series which omits the use of a separate machine room by the use of control boxes kept inside the hoistway.

The combination of superior performance magnet synchronous and a gearless drive system ensures a smooth and convenient ride every time. With reduced maintenance and lubrication they are popular for their low maintenance costs and user-friendliness. The magnet synchronous traction machine which operates the elevator operations is nearly half that of traditional traction machines. Keeping sustainability of energy in mind our MRL lifts are committed to lowering energy wastage by their Effective and low energy powered LED lightings and ventilation in the cabin space. They have controllable features like idle mode, scheduled timings energy feedback technology, etc.

We are committed to providing a whole range of MRL lifts that are updated with the latest technology and we strive to provide the best possible service to our valuable clients.




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