The future belongs to those who move! Be it a hospital, office, or even marriage halls, with the evolution and development in technology and modernization, Elevators have simultaneously evolved and tested with the newest technology to adapt to the dynamic business environment. At Expedite We intend to keep things updated with the most sophisticated technology. We are working on each and every aspect making our product client-centered with customization. Designing your dream cab is what we promise to deliver, ensuring the safest and convenient vertical transportation. Our motto is to provide the best passenger lifts to each property with the finest quality maintaining a feasible budget. We remain committed to offering you an array of passenger lifts ideal for each architecture.

The range of exterior finishes that we offer is customizable to match your décor making it fashionable. Being the Manufacturer of a wide range of passenger elevators, we attempt to provide the most convenient design in terms of capacity and usage.  The variable construction enables a perfect adaptation depending upon the levels of the property. Cabin finish being offered in premium materials such as glass, stainless steel much more makes it long-lasting. For Added safety of passengers, we have an Automatic Rescue Device inbuilt making it prompt to any emergencies.

Our passenger lifts are ideal for homes, commercial buildings, and hospitals with an added capacity to carry 4 to 40 people at a time. Apart from capacity, we have considered options to control speed ranging from Slow to high with a maximum of 4 m/s based on the type of establishment. We have captivated improved performance with a maximum rise of up to 100 m covering around 40 floors. Operating on both auto door and manual gives it complete accessibility and ease of usage. The sleek designs add a tint of luxury to your interior finish making it appealing.

High-quality components and proactive maintenance is the key to long-lasting Life. Expedite guarantees that its products are made out of the best and any sorts of defects arising up to 1 year of usage are subjected to a warranty of 12 months from the date of delivery. We are supported by a team of well-equipped professionals who deliberately work to provide you with expert services at your doorstep.


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