Expedite is committed to manufacturing lifting solutions for all industries. Considering the need for a highly mobile lifting solution for factories and showrooms we have a wide range of hydraulic scissor lifts added to our product list.

It is truly a serious task to carry large machinery and equipment with greater weight on a regular basis therefore we provide ready-to-use scissor lifts that are extremely helpful in handling materials at a shorter height. Our scissor lifts are highly flexible and thereby easy to set up. It can be used both indoors and outdoors according to requirements. With higher conveying capacity and a strong structure, scissor lifts are prioritized in every industrial setup such as warehouses, car manufacturing units, etc…

Being exceptionally mobile they are preferred by large MNC’s to even construction sites to carry their bulky machinery and other supplies. Durability and Low maintenance cost are what make scissor lifts a perfect choice for enterprises that involve the transfer of heavy goods and equipment numerous times. Our scissor lifts are operatable on any challenging terrain without compromising its performance and class-leading capacities thereby making it the safest carrier at limited heights. It offers a class-leading course of action together with Zero offsets and drift platforms.

Get the productivity and safety benefits you need on the sites with our drive-at-height capabilities. The feature allows them to operate on a fixed height resulting in a worry-free movement from pillar to post. Along with the standard features they are available with added options of sensors, leveling jacks, and much more.

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