In a contemporary setting where space plays a key role in both residential as well as commercial buildings. The need for a compact vertical lifting solution is a necessity in the growing modernized world. This gave rise to the shaftless elevators. These elevators can only travel between two levels, but they are a great choice for residential use because they don’t take up much space because of the absence of a well-built structure. They don’t require machine rooms or hoistways. Moreover, they are the most energy-efficient compared to others. The cost is often low with this type of installation due to the minimal site preparation involved. The installation is easy and doesn’t cause a lot of disruption since a shaft does not need to be constructed first which clearly states there is no more mess behind replacing your stairs with a lifting system.

A shaftless elevator is ideal for homes and residential construction. It also comes in different sizes to blend with the available space and also the interior giving a hassle-free vision throughout the home. Considering the wheelchair and walker users most of the shaftless elevators have a wide range of optional features to choose from. Coming towards the design aspects a shaft-less design includes constant pressure, or “push and hold” buttons on the control panel and comes standard with safety devices and emergency switches. A shaftless elevator also doesn’t require space for a machine room and you can opt for a partial enclosure if you want to house the elevator into a floor with existing walls. There is a wide variety of cabin finishes, designs color combinations of operating panels to choose from. Another key feature is safety, since they are mostly used as a home elevator the safety standards are set high enough to ensure there are least chances of elevator emergencies. Sensors situated at the top and bottom of this lift will detect any issues, ensuring a safe ride. The cab doors also have an interlock feature that ensures the elevator doesn’t move unless the doors are closed and locked correctly.

Our shaftless elevators are favorite among clients. We provide a wide range of compact shaftless elevators to meet the modern home elevator needs. We are committed to offering a wide variety of add-on features to provide a comfortable vertical experience every time. Connect with our elevator professionals to switch to modern vertical transportation for your contemporary residence.



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