Spiral Escalators are specially designed types of escalators that bring up awe and wonderment in the world of vertical transportation. They are spiral or helical in design with curved steps making the design look extremely exhilarating. The design of a spiral escalator has greater aesthetic appeal and is still having fewer installations worldwide. The curve direction can be either left or right depending upon the design aspects of where the installation has to be done.

A spiral escalator works on the mechanism of centralized motion method wherein the central point moves in stages based on the inclined angle. Unlike the conventional escalator which is assembled and delivered straight to the project sites the spiral escalators are made into multiple parts and are therefore assembled and re-joined to undertake the operation.

Coming towards what makes a spiral escalator different is its specifications compared to the traditional escalators. A spiral escalator has a carrying capacity 4 times that of the traditional ones. The speed is said to be up to 25 meters per minute offering a faster experience. It offers the passenger a wider panoramic view which excites and binds up unforgettable experiences to the users. The fact that even today there are very few spiral escalators being set up worldwide makes it a center of attraction and a bucket list to people all over the globe.

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