Want to install multiple elevators to save time but running short of space? Well, not anymore! What if we tell you that you can install up to two elevators in one single shaft? Yes, you read it right, one shaft for two cabins, will not only save time but also space and unnecessary crowding.

Twin Elevator could often be confused with Double Deck Elevator. But they are completely different. Twin Elevator is the unique elevator system that allows two elevator cabs to ride independently in the same shaft, one above the other. Unlike standard elevator systems, which require separate shafts for each elevator car, Twin Elevator only requires a single shaft, which can accommodate two elevator cars, conserving a significant amount of room in the structure. It is a form of the double-deck elevator that has been enhanced.

It not only gives you the same conveyance capacity in 25% lesser space but also helps you move 40% more passengers than a conventional elevator system. With lesser space more capacity, its cost-effectiveness makes it pocket-friendly. The landing doors and guiding rails are the same for both cabins. The traction drive, controller, ropes, counterbalance, and governor are all unique to each car.

Instead of using a traditional wall of buttons, passengers choose their destination via a panel display. Others heading to the same parts of the building are grouped together by advanced algorithms, so you won’t have to stop on every floor and wait. One cabin transports passengers from the lower floors to the higher levels, while another transports people from the intermediate floors to the higher levels. When there aren’t enough customers to warrant two elevators, the system saves energy by parking one car at the top or bottom of the shaft.

If you are wondering about safety, then leave that part to us. Twin Elevators are completely safe. How? The elevator’s software keeps track of the space between cabins to prevent vertically stacked elevators from colliding. The cabins automatically descend and come to a halt at least one landing apart if they approach too near. Each cab has its own set of electrically and mechanically operated safety measures. Each cabin has an automated emergency brake that is controlled by a logic system that is completely separate from the other controls.

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